Mojo (UK)


Alice Cooper: keepin’ Halloween alive.


1 “Alice is infinitely more interestin­g”: Vince Furnier, senior year, Cortez High School, Phoenix, AZ, 1966.

2 Creepy crawlies: The Earwigs debut at Cortez HS, spring 1964, (from left) Dennis Dunaway, Vince/Alice, John Tatum, Glen Buxton. 3 Classic Cooper: (from left) Neal Smith, Michael Bruce, Alice, Dennis Dunaway, Glenn Buxton say school’s out.

4 Killer Cooper: Alice with one of many snakes that accompanie­d him on tour.

5 The persistenc­e of memory: with Salvador Dali and the artist’s First Cylindric Chromo-Hologram Portrait Of Alice Cooper’s Brain, 1973.

6 You look good in rags: rockin’ the UK’s new wave vibe, circa 1981’s Special Forces. “We were much more interested in drugs,” says Alice.

7 They bite: Cooper with fellow Hollywood Vampire Johnny Depp, Coney Island Amphitheat­er, Brooklyn, NY July 10, 2016.

8 Raising hell: Alice and drinking partner Keith Moon, 1976.

9 Alas poor Vincent: Cooper, in 1987, in a reimaginin­g of Hamlet, or perhaps a new single: Skull’s Out!

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