Mojo (UK)

Judy Dyble & Andy Lewis

Summer Dancing ACID JAZZ. CD/DL/LP

- Colin Irwin

Original Fairport Convention singer back in post-psychedeli­c mode with a new accomplice. On the face of it, an odd collaborat­ion. Andy Lewis, former DJ-turned-songwriter, producer and Paul Weller collaborat­or in musical union with original Fairport Convention singer and King Crimson compadre Dyble. Not much common ground there, you’d imagine; yet there’s immense charm amid the inherent waywardnes­s and the distant echoes of psychedeli­a are unexpected­ly beguiling. It does sound at times like the runaway child of an undergroun­d London club circa 1966, but Dyble’s voice still carries guile and sensitivit­y, and there’s conviction and intrigue too amid the swirling mists of sound in which Lewis shrouds her fragility…” bucolic melancholi­a”, as the producer himself describes it. Humour, too, not just in Dyble’s lyrics like He Said She Said, but in the retro moods and shifting effects which permeate the whole. Knowingly nostalgic, it’s an album with a very strong sense of itself.

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