Mojo (UK)

5 Billion In Diamonds

5 Billion In Diamonds 100%. CD/DL/LP

- Tom Doyle

Debut from new transatlan­tic operation featuring Butch Vig. Anyone who thinks that Nirvana producer and Garbage founder Vig operates most successful­ly in the world of melodic rock is likely to be surprised by 5 Billion In Diamonds, his new outfit featuring British DJ James Grillo and producer Andy Jenks. Rooted in early ‘70s pastoral folk, with shades of that era’s prog experiment­s and trippier film soundtrack­s, these 10 tracks pull in various guest vocalists to elegantly focus the hazy watercolou­r sounds. The Soundtrack Of Our Lives’ Ebbot Lundberg solely fronts three tracks with his laidback croon, most effectivel­y in the lovely Broken Wing, while Helen White (formerly Jenks’ bandmate in Alpha) wafts over the jazzy David Axelrod-like atmosphere of Where The Moonbeams Are. The ho-hum indie rock of Better If briefly breaks the spell, but this is an impressive start.

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