Mojo (UK)

Everything Everything

A Fever Dream RCA. CD/DL/LP

- Tom Doyle

Mancunian quartet push the synths and guitars harder. Over four albums, Everything Everything have gradually expanded their brainy art-funk into a sound that is more cinemascop­ic. For A Fever Dream, they’ve drafted in James Ford – a producer equally adept in the fields of electronic­s (Depeche Mode) and rock (Arctic Monkeys) – for their toughest record yet, peaking with the grinding guitars of Run The Numbers and the glitter-heeled glam stomp of Desire. Lyrically, singer Jonathan Higgs repeatedly takes the pulse of the world in socio-political terms and is disturbed by the results: Ivory Tower lambasts hateful, far-right Brexiteers; Big Game playground-taunts Trump with the words “Someone’s gonna pull your big trousers down and I think you might explode”. If Higgs’s head sometimes seems in danger of overheatin­g, he acknowledg­es this in White Whale, desperatel­y hoping that love might divert his thoughts from the “bad things”. Nonetheles­s, this is potent, frequently explosive stuff.

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