Mojo (UK)

Dizzee Rascal


- Andy Cowan

Grime elder statesman forsakes throwaway pop for righteous rap fury. On his sixth outing, grime’s first mainstream MC exposes pretenders to his crown. If 2013’s The Fifth was a rare, guest-heavy misstep that polished off rough edges to brazenly target a transatlan­tic audience, Raskit junks its egregious schmaltz for marauding bass and spartan trap backings. They amplify a biting double-time flow his nearest rivals would readily trade jaws for, Dizzee slaying his competitio­n on Focus and Wot U Gonna Do? and literally eating them for dinner on Space (“Can’t find enough time to dine on rappers/All these MCs are looking like tapas”). There’s depth, too. Witness the intelligen­t anger of austerity lament Everything Must Go or a palpable crack in his voice on downbeat east London morality play Slow Your Roll. On such blazing evidence, he’s surely a shoo-in to headline Glastonbur­y 2019.

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