Mojo (UK)

Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex PARTISAN. CD/DL/LP

- Chris Catchpole

Slow-paced, swooning, postcoital indie pop. Much like the Ramones’ first album, the debut from El Pasovia-Brooklyn outfit Cigarettes After Sex is essentiall­y 10 variations of the same song. Far from being a drag, though, band leader Greg Gonzalez’s languid dream pop bleeds into one beautiful, fuzzyheade­d whole. Guitars gently ripple and twinkle in the distance as swooning songs fixated on infatuatio­n slowly roll in and out, all delivered in Gonzalez’s husky, deceptivel­y androgynou­s voice. The effect is a bit like pleasantly nodding off to a Mazzy Star record and, like the smoke off the titular post-coital gaspers, the intoxicati­ng atmosphere lingers long after the tracks have played out.

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