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Terrace Martin Presents The Pollyseeds

Sounds Of Crenshaw Vol. 1 ROPEADOPE. CD/DL/LP

- Charles Waring

LA group blurs boundaries between urban music styles. Created by producer/ multi-instrument­alist Terrace Martin – who worked on Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly album and has produced Herbie Hancock’s next LP – The Pollyseeds are a chameleoni­c collective of musicians, singers and songwriter­s from LA’s Crenshaw neighbourh­ood whose music defies easy categorisa­tion. Unifying R&B, hip-hop, gospel and jazz into a coherent and seductive style, Martin and his cohorts embark on a journey of musical cross-pollinatio­n that follows in the wake of groundbrea­king groups like Sweetback, Roy Hargrove’s RH Factor, and Robert Glasper’s Experiment band. Glasper, in fact, adds his trademark Rhodes sound to a couple of louche R&B-infused grooves. West Coast sax star Kamasi Washington also contribute­s, but the album’s ethos is about teamwork rather than individual­s, and on that level it succeeds magnificen­tly.

 ??  ?? Terrace Martin, musical crosspolli­nator.
Terrace Martin, musical crosspolli­nator.
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