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The Last Sense To Leave Us – A Tribute To Pauline Oliveros RURAL COLOURS. CD/DL

- Mike Barnes

Twelve tracks inspired by the late electronic­s pioneer. Oliveros, who died in 2016, came up with the concepts of deep listening – for both the players and the audience – and sonic awareness. For this all to work it helps to be invited into the music and her own approach – characteri­stically on accordion – employed drones of seesawing notes but with plenty of activity underneath, exemplifie­d here by the title track featuring Alison Cotton’s gently undulating viola, electronic­s and voice. The musicians achieve that with remarkably evocative pieces, some bordering on ambient but always demanding more from the listener. Other highlights include The New Honey Shades’ 7 Accordions (For Pauline Oliveros); the sensuous, flute-led PO4c by Keiron Phelan and Oliver Cherer; and 321 Divisadero Street, a striking synth compositio­n by David Colohan. The compilatio­n ends with a radiant exploratio­n of drone, After Lear: For Hurdy Gurdy And Bowed Dulcimer, by Michael Tanner.

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