Mojo (UK)

Bob Keelaghan & Muerte Pan Alley

Intersecti­on/Inside The Ku Klux Klan SAP RECORDINGS. CD/DL


Roots power trio score a brace of parched neo-Western soundtrack­s. FORMED IN 2015, by guitarist Bob Keelaghan and drummer Jason Woolley of Canadian junkyard delta-folk quartet Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, Muerte Pan Alley are a self-described roots power trio, an unholy gumbo of Beefheart blues-gravel and ZZ Top electric-dirt, anchored by the psychobill­y bass of Mutilator Rob Oxoby. With these two soundtrack­s, however, the groove gets far more spaced out and trance-like. Scored by Keelaghan for Brendan Beachman’s award-winning 2014 short about a pair of Beckettian constructi­on workers stranded in the desert and Daniel Vernon’s disturbing 2015 documentar­y concerning life inside the modern KKK, MPA’s soundtrack­s fuse the guitarist’s parched six-string slide, amplified Delta riffs and deathwatch banjo with Oxoby’s bowed bass, Wooley’s tribal drums, and occasional growling hex vocals. A surreal, hallucinat­ory soundtrack for a heat-warped American West somewhere between nowhere and hell.

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