Mojo (UK)

Alan Vega


- Kris Needs

Vega’s last work, released to mark the first anniversar­y of his death. Deploying his lifelong creative method of freestylin­g over coruscatin­g noise, Vega intended IT to be his last epic statement and had completed most of it with wife Liz Lamere before 2012’s near-fatal stroke/ heart attack. Over grinding machine beats and unrelentin­g loops, Vega testifies or screams lyrics inspired by global news or late-night walks near his financial district home, including Prophecy’s vicious mugging (“Blood’s dripping down my face… I will get up, I will survive, so fuck you killers”), self-explanator­y Motorcycle Exploded and transcende­ntal Stars. As these songs’ first (and final) airing at London’s Barbican in 2015 showed, Vega’s spirit still blazed with righteous passion even when his body was giving out. Now it glowers like a ghostly light sculpture from beyond the grave, predicting current atrocities and still bang on for modern times.

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