Mojo (UK)



- David Katz

Much anticipate­d album debut from reggae revival’s leading light. During the past five years, Chronixx has risen from the Jamaican undergroun­d to gain a coveted status in contempora­ry reggae, after an early Major Lazer mixtape sparked logistical support from Chris Blackwell and raised his profile. He’s grown stronger with every new release and displayed a confidence beyond his years on festival stages; as such, this debut long-player has been greatly anticipate­d, and does not disappoint. Skating an agreeably fine line between conscious dancehall and complex nu-roots, Chronixx delivers 15 deeply personal exploratio­ns of Jamaica and the challenges it faces. Hits like Smile Jamaica and Spanish Town Rocking have been out for some considerab­le time, yet still sound fresh; Country Boy and Ghetto Paradise decry the deceptive allure of the city, and Black Is Beautiful and Selassie Children are uplifting declaratio­ns of Rastafari independen­ce. Mr Chronixx, your future looks bright.

 ??  ?? Having a high time: Chronixx, roofs rocker.
Having a high time: Chronixx, roofs rocker.
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