Mojo (UK)


Dark Days & Canapés PLAY IT AGAIN SAM. CD/DL/LP


Stunning second full band outing from savvy, sharp-eyed London chronicler. AFTER TWO charmingly introspect­ive outings, Obaro Ejimiwe’s agitated beats, jazzy keys and idiosyncra­tic slurred baritone raps got the full band treatment on 2015’s Shedding Skin. While you could sometimes sense the joins, papered over by a surfeit of guests, they are fully integrated on Dark Days & Canapés: a taut, fraught dalliance with ’90s trip-hop melancholy vivified by spidery Sisters Of Mercy-esque guitar figures and a gruff cameo from Massive Attack’s Daddy G. Ejimiwe hits tender storytelli­ng highs over the early hours recriminat­ions of Many Moods At Midnight and helicopter­ing desperatio­n of Immigrant Boogie, yet still manages to get stuck in a shopping centre (Freakshow) and lament “the downpour drenching my chips” (Blind As A Bat). Detailed with offbeat twists and turns, it warrants celebrator­y Appletinis all-round.

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