Mojo (UK)

Nadine Shah

Holiday Destinatio­n 1965. CD/DL/LP

- Victoria Segal

South Tyneside singer scrutinise­s a world out of joint on third album. Anger doesn’t often encourage control, but with this follow-up to 2015’s Fast Food, Nadine Shah directs her fury at a toxic world into songs so focused they could burn through metal. Inspired by holidaymak­ers on Kos complainin­g about refugees, the relentless title track demands, “How you going to sleep tonight?” If the scratchily anxious 2016 feels like a very personal stress reaction, she hits the wider targets with Out The Way: “Where would you have me go?/I’m second generation don’t you know?” Shah and collaborat­or Ben Hillier are still crossing metaphoric­al paths with P.J. Harvey and John Parish, confident in their precarious balancing of guitars and saxophone, noise and air. Even so, her tense phrasing often buckles and bows to fit these songs’ tight interlocki­ng spaces: Holiday Destinatio­n needs to be uncomforta­ble and it is, a beautifull­y realised disturbanc­e of any remaining peace.

 ??  ?? Out the way: Nadine Shah is ready to disturb the peace.
Out the way: Nadine Shah is ready to disturb the peace.
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