Mojo (UK)


- Andrew Carden

Dear SARGENT HOUSE. CD/DL/LP Japanese avant-metallers celebrate their quarter century in seismic style. Originally intended as a 25-year farewell to their fans, the recording of Dear proved so fruitful for Boris it was re-cast as the trio’s next album, rather than their final testament. What would have been a mighty parting statement, if it had actually been their swansong, is still one seriously heavyweigh­t record, even by Boris’ farreachin­g standards. Loading the scales from the off with über-doom tsunamis D.O.W.N. and DEADSONG, what follows is a monolithic melding of slow-mo metal thunder and majestic, gravity-defying rock. At the peak of their powers throughout, like kindred souls Isis, Swans and Sunn O))), when Boris transcend their own earth-shaking critical mass and raise themselves up toward the heavens, as with Beyond and Memento Mori here, there are few who can touch them.

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