Mojo (UK)

Avey Tare

Eucalyptus DOMINO. CD/DL/LP

- Martin Aston

Animal Collective man’s second solo missive. Though Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks mirrored Animal Collective’s dazzling upbeat polyrhythm­s on Enter The Slasher House, his solo records reveal a rather more anxious and dislocated figure. 2010’s Down There felt dank and submerged, and while Eucalyptus sounds more oxygenated and kaleidosco­pic, it still resembles a man and his sampler, aping Brian Wilson, Syd Barrett and Skip Spence’s excursions into inner space. Odd tracks (Roamer, Jackson 5) recall Animal Collective, but these immersive 63 minutes mostly ripple with hallucinat­ory effect, overdubs virtually free of beats; Ms Secret is marked by waves of lap steel and creaking sails, while Lunch Out Of Order has distinct Pacific breezes (Tare cites a trip to Hawaii as a core influence). Melody Unfair laces Bulgarian choir voices and stumbling percussive bursts, while eight-minute Coral Lords could also have provided the album’s title, since those two words perfectly evoke its phosphores­cent flow.

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