Mojo (UK)

The Cribs

24-7 Rock Star Shit PIAS. CD/DL/LP

- Matt Allen

Seventh LP from Wakefield’s defiantly indie trio. Once described as “the biggest cult band in Britain”, The Cribs have long pushed a modus operandi of mixing radio-friendly harmonies and jagged guitar riffs with discordant noise. Their seventh studio album arrives with hooks to burn, but this time the Wakefield trio lean heavily on their US influences, namely the production thud of Nirvana’s In Utero (producer, Steve Albini worked with the band here) while trading in a brand of guitar pop that once served Britpop outliers Ash so well. The results are patchy. Instantly memorable riffs – as on album opener Give Good Time and Broken Arrow – are sometimes dented by singer Gary Jarman’s off-kilter vocals. Still, with repeated plays, the surging thrash of Dendrophob­ia (a fear of trees, apparently) and What Have You Done For Me reveal a slew of slow burning melodies, though they’re unlikely to push The Cribs beyond their cultish hinterland.

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