Mojo (UK)

Hannah Peel

Mary Casio: Journey To Cassiopeia MY OWN PLEASURE. CD/DL/LP


Brass band and analogue synths forge an unlikely, elegant union. HANNAH’S DIVERSE musical canon includes covering the likes of Blue Monday, membership of an experiment­al supergroup (The Magnetic North, with The Verve’s Simon Tong and Erland Cooper) and an album exploring dementia. Here, Peel adopts the persona of Mary Casio, an elderly Barnsleyit­e with a yearning for astral travel. The Yorkshire-born multi-instrument­alist and vocalist melds together the massed ranks of her analogue synths, found sounds and clamorous majesty of the 29-piece Tubular Brass band. When the latter first appear, midway through Goodbye Earth – after a serene opening, where Peel’s arpeggiate­d chords slowly unfurl – it’s like a blast of hot sun in the face. On Life Is On The Horizon, the chill of Peel’s synths is counterpoi­nted by the restrained, warming grandeur of a solo trumpet. The resulting sound is suitably celestial, mysterious and awe-inspiring.

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