Mojo (UK)

Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart

The Usual Suspects 3MS. CD/DL/LP

- Mike Barnes

Bassman’s finest moments reimagined and re-recorded. Jah Wobble released the triple-CD retrospect­ive set I Could Have Been A Contender back in 2004, but this studio double – based on recent live sets by his new band – is an unexpected treat, as he takes great liberties with some of the material. Public Image Ltd’s Public Image is given a rockers reggae groove, while Socialist is recast as a sort of jazz-rock track that segues into the full-tilt junglist excursion of Doctrine Of Drum And Bass, with super-speed synth and guitar solos around Wobble’s rock-solid bass. A version of John Barry’s Midnight Cowboy follows. There’s a funky Becoming More Like God and Visions Of You sung by Aurora Dawn, and a most unexpected transforma­tion of PiL’s Fodderstom­pf from seven minutes of half-assed filler into a big love anthem, including excerpts of Bob Marley’s I Shot The Sheriff.

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