Mojo (UK)

Intastella feat. Jah Wobble

The Rise And Fall Of A Northern Dubstar NOVA DISTRIBUTI­ON. CD/DL

- Lois Wilson

Mike Bennett-produced reworking of Stella Grundy’s 2013 show. After three albums with Intastella, singer Stella Grundy turned to theatre, writing and starring in Nico Icon, a performanc­e piece about the German singer/ actor’s time in Manchester and The Rise And Fall Of A Northern Star, a semi-autobiogra­phical work, detailing the experience of an ’80s pop singer. The 11 tracks here provide an impressive reworked score to the latter: over psychedeli­c glamscapes and experiment­al dub, pivoted by Jah Wobble’s careering bass and Craig Gannon and Nick McCabe’s spiralling guitars, Grundy critiques the music industry, from tour van tedium to drug-fuelled decadence. The Membranes add psychotomi­metic noise to Rock’N’Roll Crime; Dillinger toasts over Dub Trap; Grundy’s beguiling voice creates a blissful altered state throughout.

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