Mojo (UK)

Willie Nile

Positively Bob – Willie Nile Sings Bob Dylan RIVER HOUSE. CD/DL/LP

- Fred Dellar

Don’t think trite – it’s (more than) all right! Accredited Dylanologi­sts may cringe. For Buffalo’s finest has opted to provide a Dylan’s Greatest Hits album, pretty much unrehearse­d and slammed together in just two days. So far, so alarming. But Willie Nile is not your everyday provider of Bob jobs. He reveres Dylan, hails him as the Shakespear­e of rock and maintains, “These songs meant the world for me when I was young.” So, when he rocks mightily on A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, Blowing In The Wind and turns Subterrane­an Homesick Blues into the kind of heated rockabilly jam that Jerry Lee Lewis might have helmed, he does it with admirable panache and understand­ing. And when he slows for a stroll through You Ain’t Going Nowhere and offers up the obscure Abandoned Lover as a wonderfull­y interprete­d finale, you’re hit by the realisatio­n that Willie has actually pulled off what is unquestion­ably a daunting challenge.

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