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ANTHOLOGY RECORDINGS. CD/DL/LP Surveying the fringes of Australian ’70s pop, folk and rock.

The sleevenote­s suggest that in the ’70s Australia was a less self-conscious, more innocent place, and the disparate music here really seems to reflect that idea. On the hippyish, flutey title track, Dave Douglas sings, “We shall see the pure silk of truth woven on the loom of reality”, while on Riverboat, Andy Armstrong crowns his image-laden lyrics with “Stick a pin in Lennon and McCartney and they cry out in pain”, as if he needed to prove to himself that those distant figures actually existed. Marian Henderson’s bitterswee­t The First Boy I Loved comes across like Sandy Denny with Brian Auger, while Cathie O’Sullivan’s The Orange Tree is a gorgeous mix of harp and vocals. The only ‘name’ artist is Gary Shearston, who enjoyed some UK chart success and is backed here by electric piano and congas on the languid Witnessing. Mike Barnes

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