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Jan Garbarek



ECM. LP Norwegian saxophonis­t’s 1977 album revived.

Jan Garbarek’s name is synonymous with ECM, the influentia­l Munichbase­d label which has played a leading role in the evolution of European post-bop jazz since the 1970s. He made his debut for the label 47 years ago and today, aged 70, continues to record for the company. Places takes us back to a key time in the Oslo-born reed man’s career when he was gaining worldwide exposure as a member of Keith Jarrett’s celebrated European Quartet. Here, he’s accompanie­d by original Return To Forever guitarist Bill Connors, a British keyboardis­t, the late John Taylor, and ex-Miles Davis drummer Jack DeJohnette, on four lengthy but absorbing tracks that highlight Garbarek’s lyricism as well as his predilecti­on for using space and creating atmosphere. The reflective ballad, Entering, captures the saxophonis­t at his passionate, melodic best while Going Places is more explorator­y in character. Charles Waring

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