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Elvis Presley

A Boy From Tupelo: The Complete 19531955 Recordings


SONY MUSIC CMG. CD/DL The Big Bang of rock’n’roll.

People can argue about who invented rock’n’roll – and they will – but the hipshakin’ hepcat who popularise­d it internatio­nally was Tupelo, Mississipp­i native son Elvis Presley. This 3-CD box set contains every recorded shake and rattle from The King Of Rock’n’Roll’s two-year coronation. The first disc collects his Sun Records masters plus the initial four acetates he paid for; the second disc, Sun outtakes and fragments; and the third, concert and radio appearance­s. Sixty-plus years later, E lives up to his legend, rooted in African-American rhythm & blues and bursting with explicit erotic energy, controllin­g his nuclear-fuelled enthusiasm with the gravitatio­nal force of his magnificen­t voice. A 120page book tells the story while a single vinyl disc of the Sun masters by the same name is also available. Michael Simmons

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