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PARLOPHONE. CD/DL Former Record Store Day vinyl Number 1 best-seller.

The vinyl release earlier this year was going for such silly money on the trading circuit that even lifelong Bowie fans were priced out. So, this affordable release is welcome, if belated. The show has been much bootlegged, and some will rate the unedited and untouched version of this show higher than the version we have here, remixed by Tony Visconti. This LA concert dates from September 5, 1974. Bowie had just spent most of August recording tracks that would later become Young Americans and for the September shows he added guitarist Carlos Alomar, backing singer Luther Vandross and bassist Doug Rauch (Santana). The band fizzes in a way missing from the official live album, David Live (recorded two months earlier), as evidenced on superior versions of 1984, Knock On Wood and Rock’n’Roll Suicide. Centre of it all, of course, is Bowie himself, his own cocainecra­cked voice as naked and white as never before. David Buckley

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