Mojo (UK)

Mark Springer

Circa Rip Rig + Panic


Mercuriall­y gifted pianist’s companion piece to last year’s Rip Rig + Panic Piano Solos.

Mark Springer’s determined digging in the vaults underscore­s his range. Equally at home playing off-the-wall punk, freeform jazz or minimalist avant-garde, the common denominato­r is his passion for dynamic “in the moment” improvisat­ions, unbound from classical ties that bind. Largely recorded using studio downtime for 1983’s third Rip Rig + Panic album Attitude alongside saxophonis­t David ‘Flash’ Wright and bassist/cellist Sean Oliver, Springer’s lightly-worn versatilit­y remains acute across Sakura’s two succinct movements, subtly shifting from 4/4 to 5/4 time on the febrile Fuji Fuji before flipping wigs amid the honking thrust of Threevolut­ion and squealing Oh Lonesome Train. Elsewhere, a haunting, super husky duet with Nico meshes with reflective solos that evince both Michael Nyman and Keith Jarrett. Andy Cowan

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