Mojo (UK)

Will Beeley

Passing Dream


Same-day reissue of two individual rarities from undersung ’70s artist.

Beeley’s a truck driver now living in New Mexico, not Texas, where he used to play on the same coffee house circuit as Townes. In 1970 he self-released 200 copies of his 10-song solo debut Gallivan tin’. Just voice and guitar, it sounds innocent, elegaic and a bit Dylan-y, with a couple of stand-out tracks (Seasons Are Of Never; Easter Sunday Song). Nine years later came a follow-up, Passing Dream – the album that prompted Tomp kins Square to track him down. It’s a whole different animal; even the sleeve photo doesn't look like him. Recorded in Jackson, Mississipp­i for R&B/gospel label Malaco (there’s gospel singers on I Saw Jesus) it’s mostly country rock, his warm voice backed by a great studio band including Dylan guitarist Larry Campbell. Some really good songs here, like Standin’ At The Station, Circle and I Don't Know What I’m Into. Sylvie Simmons

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