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Infinite Tuesday: An Autobiogra­phical Riff

- Lois Wilson

Michael Nesmith CROWN ARCHETYPE. £22 Perceptive autobiogra­phy from ‘the smart Monkee’.

“The rage of impotence, feeling like a marionette on the end of a string… began to increase daily and weirdly with every royalty check and every new girl throwing herself on the hood of the car,” Michael Nesmith notes in this fascinatin­g memoir of his experience in The Monkees. And while he has genuine affection for the group and TV show creators Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider, his snipes on-set fuelled by what he calls his “celebrity psychosis”, the belief in his own importance as his star ascended, put “a distance” between them. He wasn’t much happier in country rockers the First National Band – “when [1970 debut] Magnetic South was released, it was the first time I stared into the abyss”. There is light, though. Friendship­s with Timothy Leary and Douglas Adams bring enlightenm­ent; the thrill of hearing Hendrix play became the catalyst for his multi-media platforms.

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