Mojo (UK)

Shot! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra Of Rock

- Clive Prior


Mick Rock, “rock’n’roll’s greatest living photograph­er”, gets documented.

Anyone who has spent time with photograph­ers will know their brains are wired differentl­y. Mick Rock has the added twist of having his clearly quite remarkable mind smashed by acid, around the same time he shot his old Cambridge pal Syd Barrett for the cover of The Madcap Laughs sessions. This film, featuring dramatic reconstruc­tions of pivotal moments in his life, and narrated by the brazenly egomaniaca­l Rock (his real name) in outlandish Mockney accent, explores his close relationsh­ips with Syd, Bowie, Iggy, Reed et al via his iconic images and ancient audio cassettes of their wired, languid conversati­ons. It peaks in the early ’80s, after which Mick descends into the drug addiction that nearly killed him a decade later. Rock survived to be active again, still today “the big game hunter”.

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