Mojo (UK) - - The 50 Greatest Pink Floyd Songs -

(from The Wall, 1979)

You talkin’ to me? What does Roger Wa­ters re­ally want? To break down the psy­chic bar­ri­ers that sep­a­rate us all, to pi­o­neer a New Uni­ver­sal Em­pa­thy? To be touched the char­ac­ter who sits “naked by the phone” in this, one of The Wall’s hand­ful of epic slowies? Or merely to wag the fin­ger? What­ever, Hey You is an ob­ject les­son in what the Floyd of­fer in har­ness – the shar­ing of vo­cals be­tween Gil­mour and Wa­ters mark­ing a tonal shift be­tween so­lic­i­tous­ness and de­spair, with Ma­son once again the mas­ter punc­tu­a­tor. DE

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