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(from More OST, 1969) Sound-paint­ing on the sub­con­scious mind’s cave-wall.

Aug­ment­ing Bar­bet Schroeder’s tragic hippy ro­mance, this im­pres­sion­is­tic seven-minute in­stru­men­tal var­i­ously sound­tracks heroin use, “trip­ping balls” and toy­ing with a dish of mer­cury. It re­mains sense-dis­tort­ing when ex­pe­ri­enced in iso­la­tion: an oddly guarded, deep au­ral void fea­tur­ing ma­nip­u­lated tapes, shim­mer­ing gongs and psy­chotropic or­gans – one pas­sage man­ages to sug­gest the in­ter­plan­e­tary call-sign in Close En­coun­ters Of The Third Kind. It also called out to such West Ger­man adepts of the com­ing kos­mis­che mi­lieu as Edgar Froese, Klaus Schulze and Flo­rian Fricke. IH

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