“It feels like this fleshed-out heart­beat.”

Chan Mar­shall talks to Vic­to­ria Se­gal.

Mojo (UK) - - Filter Albums -

When did the al­bum start to come to­gether? “About three years ago was when I be­gan writ­ing again. The first step was strip­ping ev­ery­thing down and just being alone again with my gui­tar. Strip down and go for­ward. I had a son in April 2015, and af­ter two months I went back to work. I had a home record­ing set-up in this house I rented. I call it the Pink House – it’s not a stu­dio. With breast­feed­ing, trav­el­ling and sleep­ing four hours a day with your baby, the process of record­ing is: maybe you take three days to become func­tion­ing in your do­mes­tic area with your dogs, your laun­dry, your sleep­less­ness, your child. In between being in the Pink House, I would go to this other stu­dio in Lit­tle Haiti. The next year I went to Los An­ge­les to this stu­dio called Mant with [pro­ducer] Rob Sch­napf. It’s great hav­ing it fin­ished. It feels like a baby – it feels like this fleshed-out heart­beat.”

What’s the cover im­age about? “I chose that im­age because this is me and these are the key things that are – I don’t want to say my glory – but being able to write songs and sing them and hav­ing the trust of other hu­mans to be able to com­mu­ni­cate with them by singing them. I feel very blessed as a weirdo to be able to do that, and also to have the ex­pe­ri­ence as a hu­man being, to ac­tu­ally be able to un­der­stand now what love ac­tu­ally feels like.”

There’s a folk­loric qual­ity to the song Black. Can you ex­plain its back­ground? “So, this song is about the angel of death as an omi­nous dude. The song is about death and friends that have over­dosed and it’s about friends who are still us­ing and haven’t been able to, you know… friends who’ve made an agree­ment with that omi­nous dude. The song is just telling a story about death because I be­lieve ev­ery­one who passes is still alive in the other di­men­sion or what­ever. I be­lieve that there is a con­tin­ued trans­ac­tion some­how, whether it’s in dreams or … any­way, I won’t get into it. I know that sounds crazy but I don’t care how it sounds.”

How about the song Woman, fea­tur­ing Lana Del Rey? “I think it’s a tes­ta­ment song. Being able to see things clearly. Being em­pow­ered by being able to see things clearly. And being proud of my­self, as a hu­man, as a fe­male body, as a woman hav­ing love and hav­ing dig­nity. Feel­ing good about my place at my ta­ble. Not being a party to my demise. Not being a vic­tim. I be­lieve there is great joy in being fe­male. There’s a joy­ful vi­bra­tion in being a woman that just can’t be taken away. Or hope­fully not any more.”

Chan is Cat: feel­ing good about her place at the ta­ble?

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