Mojo (UK)

Revenge Of The She-Punks: A Feminist Music History From Poly Styrene To Pussy Riot

- Lucy O’Brien

★★★★ Vivien Goldman OMNIBUS PRESS. £16.99 Storming the barricades with a book about female punk power. Vivien Goldman takes us on a heady journey through female punk, connecting past and present, flitting from late-’70s Slits to Colombian sisters Fertil Miseria in the 2000s. Her definition of punk is loose, allowing space to explore female resistance in a range of genres – so that’s why the playlists, reversed out with white type on black at the beginning of each section, are crucial. They highlight lesserknow­n but fantastic artists like New York no-waver Lizzy Mercier Descloux or Indonesian dissident Kartika Jahja. As a writer and musician Goldman has always captured the elemental energy where punk, reggae and world pop meet. This book – written like a piece of music with beat poet rhythm, humorous metaphor and slang, and framed with academic thought – does just that.

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