Mojo (UK)

My Week Beats Your Year: Encounters With Lou Reed

★★★★ Pat Thomas & Michael Heath HAT & BEARD. £31

- Danny Eccleston

Hardback anthology of interviews from Creem, MOJO and more.

Eek! Ouch! Eww! With such lively topics as coprophagi­a, “drug masturbati­on”, and (more often than not) journalist­ic imbecility, The Lou Reed Interview was rarely boring, although, as this well-researched and artfully selected best-of makes clear, some were more accommodat­ing than others. In the campier ones – there’s a doozy with the Melody Maker’s Allan Jones from 1977 – the sense of an actor playing a role is acute (Lou: “They even expected me to OD with my own dope”). Elsewhere, as when he flat out refuses to believe that MOJO’s Sylvie Simmons could have read Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, on account of being a journalist, and – perhaps – a woman, he’s nasty in a less entertaini­ng way. More than once, you find yourself wondering why Reed did this to himself as much as to the writers he was appearing to bait. Maybe, and here’s a horrible thought, he actually enjoyed it.

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