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One long strip of felt, 2.7m x 2.5cm (3yrds x 1"), or mul­ti­ple strips cut to 2.5cm deep that you can add in, one-by-one. 1 felt cir­cle, 7.5cm (3") di­am­e­ter 1 bar­rette clip, 5cm (2") Fab­ric glue Hot glue gun Scis­sors We love the many wed­dings and out­door bashes that the warmer months bring, but all that pres­sure to knock out a brand new, gor­geous out­fit for each one can get a bit much, right?

That’s where this high-im­pact (and no-sew) hair ac­ces­sory comes in. Us­ing a sim­i­lar tech­nique to the blooms on page 79, you can whip it up in less than half an hour, mak­ing it a great last-minute adorn­ment for any party. It’s easy on your purse strings too – all you need is felt, fab­ric glue and a hair clip.

Use sharp scis­sors to fringe the felt strip or strips, snip­ping very close to the base of the strip (but not all the way through) about ev­ery 6mm (¼") along the length of the felt. You may find it quicker to fold the felt in half and do two lay­ers at once.

Roll the fringed felt into a coil, se­cur­ing the base of the strip un­der­neath the flower with fab­ric glue as it be­gins to take shape. If you're us­ing mul­ti­ple strips rather than one long one, just add them along­side the pre­vi­ous one, se­cur­ing with a lit­tle fab­ric glue.

Make sure the felt cir­cle is the same di­am­e­ter as your flower.

Hot glue the felt cir­cle to the un­der­side of the flower and stitch or glue the bar­rette clip to the base. Now pop it on at the most jaunty an­gle you can muster.

04 03 01 02 Get rolling – this felty cre­ation is easy to rus­tle up.

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