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Linen or cot­ton fab­ric for back­ing, 28 x 43cm (11 x 17") Linen or cot­ton fab­ric for stitch­ing, 38 x 43cm (15 x 17") Batting (op­tional), 28 x 43cm (11 x 17") Pins Ro­tary blade Ruler Pen­cil or sty­lus Trans­fer paper 15cm (6") em­broi­dery hoop Size 5 em­broi­dery nee­dle Gold thread Thread con­di­tioner Scis­sors Dress­maker’s chalk 30.5cm (12") dowel Oh starry, starry night – there’s magic in gaz­ing up at the inky skies, watch­ing for shoot­ing stars and spot­ting con­stel­la­tions. This beau­ti­ful wall hang­ing by Jes­sica Mar­quez of Minia­ture Rhino is in­spired by that hum­bling feel­ing, as well as draw­ing on tra­di­tional Ja­panese em­broi­dery and con­tem­po­rary geo­met­ric pat­tern­ing. The sparkling gold threads and se­quins against the in­digo fab­ric give a re­ally dreamy, lux­u­ri­ous fin­ish that’ll add a touch of glam­our to any wall.

Metal­lic thread can be dif­fi­cult to work with com­pared to reg­u­lar floss, so try run­ning it through some beeswax or a thread con­di­tioner such as Thread Heaven if you’re find­ing stitch­ing tricky.

Layer the tem­plate on page 90 over trans­fer paper (chalky side down) with your stitch­ing fab­ric on the bot­tom. Make sure the tem­plate is about 2.5cm (1") from the bot­tom, with ex­tra fab­ric at the top. Pin in place. Use a sty­lus or dull pen­cil and ap­ply pres­sure

while trac­ing the pat­tern. Check your work as you go to en­sure it’s trans­fer­ring, and be sure to trans­fer the out­line of the ban­ner too. Be care­ful not to touch the trans­fer too much as it can cause the chalky lines to rub off.

Mount your fab­ric in a hoop and stitch the pat­tern in back­stitch. Start stitch­ing from the bot­tom work­ing up. Add se­quins by thread­ing them onto the nee­dle and se­cur­ing in place with a few small straight stitches.

Iron your stitch­ing smooth on the re­verse. Us­ing a ro­tary blade and ruler cut a 1.3cm (½") seam al­lowance from the sides and bot­tom, but leave the top. Use the cut em­broi­dery piece as a tem­plate to trim the back­ing fab­ric and batting. If the lines of your ban­ner are faint, just use dress­mak­ers chalk to re­draw them.

Layer back­ing and stitch­ing right sides ( RS) to­gether with the batting on top. Pin and sew with a 1.3cm (½") seam al­lowance around sides and bot­tom. Leave the top open. Trim batting close to seams, and snip cor­ners to about 6mm (¼") with pink­ing shears.

Trim batting down a bit and turn RS out so your batting is sand­wiched be­tween the stitched piece and back­ing piece. Zigzag stitch along the top to seal closed. Fold over the top of the ban­ner cre­at­ing a loop for your dowel. Iron and pin. Back­stitch to se­cure the loop and hide knots in be­tween the two lay­ers of fab­ric.

Thread your dowel, add some string, and hang your cre­ation in your favourite cor­ner.

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