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Fab­ric Scalpel Cut­ting mat Printed tem­plate Silk screen and squeegee ( try look­ing on eBay for these) Tex­tile fab­ric ink in three colours 50mm wide mask­ing tape Weights/ clamps Hairdryer

What could be more sat­is­fy­ing than screen print­ing your own fab­ric? These flu­o­res­cent flo­rals, cre­ated us­ing coloured sep­a­ra­tion, are a guar­an­teed fo­cal point for bold spring­time dec­o­ra­tions.

01 Down­load the tem­plate from www. mol­liemakes. com/ down­loads and trace each let­tered set onto plain paper. La­bel A, B and C.

02 Us­ing your scalpel and cut­ting mat, cut out all the marked ar­eas. These will be­come the sten­cils, each sheet and let­ter rep­re­sent­ing one colour in the de­sign. This is known as a coloured sep­a­ra­tion. Some sten­cils will be loose pieces; they’ll need to be care­fully placed on your fab­ric when ready to print.

03 Iron your fab­ric and cut to size, leav­ing a 2cm seam al­lowance.

04 Place tem­plate A onto the cen­tre of your fab­ric. Turn your silk screen face down onto the fab­ric and over your tem­plate ( mesh side up – so it is not touch­ing the fab­ric). Use mask­ing tape to tape

off your screen, flip it over so that the mesh is face down and rest­ing on the paper sten­cil on your fab­ric.

05 Weigh down your screen with weights or clamps. Choose your first colour of ink ( A) and dol­lop a dessert spoon­ful along the top edge of your screen. Dunk your squeegee it into the ink, tilt to a 45 de­gree an­gle and push down whilst pulling to­wards you and the bot­tom of the frame. When you reach the bot­tom, scoop up the re­main­ing ink, take it back to the top and re­peat the process again.

06 Set aside your squeegee and lift up the screen, let­ting the paper sten­cil lift off with it to re­veal the first layer. Wash the screen with cold wa­ter and wash­ing up liq­uid.

07 Dry your screen print with a hairdryer and re­peat the process for colours B and C. Once your com­pleted screen print is dry, iron on the re­verse to heat set. Ta- da! Now your freshly printed fab­ric is ready to be made into a cush­ion, or how about stretch can­vas frame?

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