Nail and yarn art

Daniela Fug­ger shows us how to brighten our walls with easy, eye- catch­ing nail art

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Cre­ate strik­ing om­bré wall art us­ing af­ford­able, easy- to- source ma­te­ri­als

Here's a dead sim­ple ( and cheap) new tech­nique for you to try your hand at this sum­mer. This strik­ing 3D wall art is made from easy- tosource ma­te­ri­als – you might even have most of them ly­ing around your house al­ready.

The de­sign fits right in with the cur­rent trend for ty­po­graphic slo­gans ( see our re­port on page 14) as well as giv­ing a nod to the cur­rent 90s re­vival with its neon om­bré pal­ette. We think our ver­sion would look great hung up in a bed­room, lounge or as part of an in­spi­ra­tion wall in a stu­dio or craft cor­ner. Once you've mas­tered the tech­nique, it could be used to cre­ate signs for all sorts of oc­ca­sions, such as ' Mr' and ' Mrs' plaques at wed­dings, or a fun no­tice to greet guests at a kids' birth­day party.

You can ei­ther use our tem­plate on page 88 or print or draw out your own text onto paper. Se­cure this onto your wooden sur­face us­ing strips of strong tape.

Pre­pare your wood by tak­ing the ham­mer and a nail and punch­ing lit­tle marks ev­ery 4– 5mm along the out­line of each let­ter. Make sure there's a mark at ev­ery bend.

Re­move the text, then ham­mer your nails into the marks you cre­ated in the pre­vi­ous step. Leave about two thirds of each nail above the sur­face, and make sure they're all tight and sturdy.

Take your first colour yarn and fix it at the end of one nail with a knot. Then wrap the yarn around the out­lines of the ' C' and the ' R', wind­ing it around each nail. Be care­ful to keep the yarn taut at all times to keep it neat.

Now zigzag around the nails

with the yarn, fill­ing the space be­tween the out­lines. As we're cre­at­ing a gra­di­ent, fill the ' C' and half of ' R' com­pletely, then fill the sec­ond half and the ' E' with less of the yarn so that you can wrap the next colour be­tween it.

Lay the next colour over the one you worked with be­fore so you get the ef­fect of a gra­di­ent, work­ing in the same way as steps 4 and 5. Then do the same with your third, fi­nal colour.

Knot the yarn to a nail at the end. Don't worry if a few nails come loose, fix with a light ham­mer blow.

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