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Two pieces of black cot­ton quilt­ing fab­ric, 75cm ( 29 ½ " ) each Four pieces of co­or­di­nat­ing cot­ton quilt­ing fab­ric in bright colours, 25cm ( 97/ 8") each Very thin, low loft cot­ton batting, 50cm ( 19 ¾ " ) One small spool of match­ing thread for each co­or­di­nat­ing colour fab­ric One large spool of black thread Two 4m ( 4yrd) pack­ages of sin­gle fold bias bind­ing One light fab­ric mark­ing pen­cil Two dark fab­ric mark­ing pen­cils Piece of twine or string Quilt­ing pins Straight pins Scis­sors Ruler Grab some colourful scraps from your stash and turn them into a set of jazzy vinyl place­mats. This retro quilt­ing project by Leah Far­quhar­son is guar­an­teed to be a hit with both the guys and gals at your next din­ner party! It's sim­ple enough for novice quil­ters to try their hand at, and you don’t need to worry about the stitch­ing look­ing pris­tine ei­ther as the messy style works just as well.

Why not make a card or fab­ric ‘ sleeve’ to store them in, or stitch your favourite al­bum ti­tles on the front for a re­ally be­spoke fin­ish?

Start by cre­at­ing a home­made com­pass. Tie one end of your string or twine around the light- coloured mark­ing pen­cil and mea­sure 18cm ( 7"). Make a cut.

Care­fully hold­ing the end of the string in one place, swing the pen­cil around to cre­ate a cir­cle on your black quilt­ing fab­ric. This will be the base of the record.

Care­fully cut out two lay­ers of the black cot­ton quilt­ing fab­ric.

Us­ing an 8cm ( 3") piece of string or twine re­peat Steps 1- 3 on the bright coloured or pat­terned fab­ric, this time draw­ing a smaller cir­cle for the cen­tre of the record. Cut out.

Lay your coloured cen­tre piece on top of the black cir­cle, then place both on top of your cot­ton

batting and cut out.

Pull apart the two pieces of black quilt­ing fab­ric and layer the piece of batting in be­tween.

Pin through the lay­ers us­ing quilt­ing pins. This will sta­bilise all the pieces while you're sewing.

Start­ing in the very cen­tre of the place­mat, ma­chine sew a de­sign us­ing co­or­di­nat­ing thread. You can have fun with this bit – we used a dif­fer­ent de­sign on ev­ery cen­tre.

Us­ing black thread, ma­chine sew lines around the black por­tion of the mat to re­sem­ble the vinyl groves. Be sure to smooth the fab­ric to­ward the out­side as you go, and re­move pins as needed. Trim any ex­cess batting.

Open the bias bind­ing pack­age and press one edge of the fold open. Press the end por­tion un­der. Pin to the un­der­side of the mat with the raw edge to the out­side, as shown. Trim once you reach your start­ing point, leav­ing about 2.5cm ( 1") ex­tra. Press the end un­der and pin neatly in place.

Ma­chine stitch all the way around the edge.

Fold the bind­ing edge out­wards and press again.

Wrap the folded edge of the bind­ing around the front of the mat. Press, pin and ma­chine stitch all the way around to fin­ish. Now you're ready to dish up din­ner!

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Leah Far­quhar­son De­signer- maker Leah lives in the Mi­ami area with her en­gi­neer hus­band and two sons, work­ing from home and striv­ing to em­brace each day with laugh­ter and cre­ativ­ity. You can keep up with her ad­ven­tures on her blog www. blue­bird­chic. com

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