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200g Toft DK Yarn 3mm and 4mm cro­chet hooks


sp space tr3­tog or tr4­tog Work 3 or 4 tre­ble stitches to­gether in one stitch as fol­lows: 1 Wrap the yarn round the hook, in­sert the hook into the next stitch ( or as re­quired), wrap the yarn, draw a loop through, wrap the yarn and draw through 2 of the loops on the hook ( 2 loops left on the hook) 2a Re­peat this step into the same stitch ( 3 loops on the hook) 2b For tr3­tog re­peat it once more into the same stitch ( 4 loops on the hook) 2c For tr4­tog re­peat once more ( 5 loops on hook) 3 Wrap the yarn and draw through all the loops on the hook to com­plete Work 4 squares for each wrist warmer, 2 with each size of hook.

Rose Square Pat­tern

Base ring 6ch, join with a sl st Round 1 5ch ( count as 1tr and 2ch), [ 1tr into ring, 2ch] 7 times, sl st to 3rd of be­gin­ning 5ch, ( 8 spa­ces) Round 2 3ch, work tr3­tog into next sp ( counts as tr4­tog), [ 5ch, work tr4­tog into next sp] 7 times, 5ch, sl st to top of first clus­ter Round 3 1ch, 1dc into same place, * 2ch, next work­ing over the 5ch arch so as to en­close it work 1tr into next tr of first round, 2ch, 1dc into top of next clus­ter, rep from * all round omit­ting dc at end, sl st to 1st dc Round 4 Sl st into next ch sp, 1ch, 1 dc into same place, * 3ch, 1dc into next sp, rep from * all round omit­ting dc at end, sl st to 1st dc Round 5 Sl st into next sp, 3ch

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