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High top Con­verse Felt Con­trast­ing thread Nee­dle or sewing ma­chine Pa­per Pen Scis­sors Six eye­lets Eye­let set­ter kit The clas­sic high top Con­verse gets a fresh look here thanks to a bit of felt and some nifty stitch­ing. Most of us have a pair of th­ese some­where in our wardrobes, so beat broke Jan­uary by giv­ing them this thrifty makeover.

01 Us­ing the tem­plate on page 100, draw out your cho­sen wing shapes on your piece of felt. 02 Cut out us­ing sharp scis­sors.

03 Us­ing a sewing ma­chine or nee­dle and thread, em­broi­der a con­trast out­line of the shape onto your wings. Make sure you flip one wing over so you have a mir­ror im­age.

04 Punch three holes in each wing, 2.5cm ( 1") apart

05 Place an eye­let in the first hole and place on the anvil to set with the eye­let set­ter. Gen­tly ham­mer into place.

06 Re­peat this for the five re­main­ing holes.

07 Lace your high tops un­til there are three holes left. Hold­ing your wing in place, lace your shoes the rest of the way up. It's easy to at­tach and re­move th­ese. So, make them in load of dif­fer­ent colours for in­de­ci­sive morn­ings.

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