How to make… an up­cy­cled jumper skirt

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Old jumper

Elas­tic, 5cm ( 2") wide

Sewing ma­chine


Match­ing thread

Tai­lors chalk


Raid your lo­cal thrift shop or dig out that old jumper that's gone bob­bly, and up­cy­cle your­self a snug new tube skirt to see you through th­ese chilly months. Over­sized men's jumpers give you lots of room to play with, and bright pat­terned ones will liven up dark days. Once win­ter fes­tiv­i­ties are over, maybe it's time to up­date that tongue- in- cheek Christ­mas jumper you bought for a laugh?

If you have ac­cess to an over­locker, they're great for sewing the inside seams and giv­ing a pro­fes­sional fin­ish. If not, a zig zag stitch will do the trick. When at­tach­ing the elas­tic, pull it slightly with the jumper as you sew. This will make it cling to your waist.

We'll be team­ing our new skirts with snug an­kle boots, cosy tights and a jumper in a bold con­trast­ing colour – don't for­get to share yours with us us­ing #mol­liemak­ers.

01 Mea­sure around your waist at the point you would like your skirt to sit. Go for high waist or hip level – the choice is yours.

02 Lay the elas­tic out on a flat sur­face and mea­sure out your waist­band, tak­ing off 10cm ( 4") from the orig­i­nal mea­sure­ment. This en­sures a snug fit.

03 Mea­sure how long you'd like your skirt to be then add 5cm ( 2"). Lay your jumper inside out on a flat sur­face and mark out the re­quired length from the hem of the jumper up to where the waist­band will sit. Mark with a pin.

04 Take your length of elas­tic and fold it in half. Lay it in the cen­tre of your jumper at the waist­band point and pin in place through both of the lay­ers.

05 Mark out the curve of your skirt us­ing tai­lors chalk, fol­low­ing your hipline from the waist band down to the hem of the skirt.

06 Cut out the skirt, leav­ing a 2cm ( ¾ ") seam al­lowance at the sides and the top. You can now see your skirt tak­ing shape.

07 Re­move the pinned waist­band and set aside, then ma­chine stitch the sides of the skirt to­gether.

08 Take the piece of elas­tic band and fold into a cir­cle, over­lap­ping the ends by around 0.5cm ( ¼ "). Ma­chine stitch to­gether.

09 Pin the elas­tic waist­band to the skirt, leav­ing a 1.5cm ( / 8") over­lap

5 on the right side. Sew the elas­tic in place along the top edge.

Now it's time to show off your hip new look. ReThinkReM­akeReLove Team ReThinkReM­akeReLove con­sists of avid up­cy­clers Laura Keogh ( www.lau­raloves­bou­ and Lucy Pratt ( www.iamnoth­ They use their life­long sewing ob­ses­sions to in­spire oth­ers to think dif­fer­ently about waste, and now or­gan­ise fun and ac­ces­si­ble work­shops.­sta­­akerelove

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