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Pre-cut yel­low and pink felt Printed fab­ric pieces Rib­bon Nee­dle and thread Hexagon pa­per pieces

Make a needle­case

Trim the largest rec­tan­gle of fab­ric to 15 x 7.5cm (6x 3") for the in­side pages. We used pink­ing shears for a pretty fin­ish, and to help pre­vent fray­ing. Set aside for later.

02 Take the two small fab­ric rec­tan­gles and fold in half to find the cen­tres. Cut to cre­ate

four squares of fab­ric. 03 Take the fab­ric square and

fold in half. Cut in half, then fold each of the re­sult­ing rec­tan­gles and cut each in half again. 04 You’ll now have eight small

squares of fab­ric. Choose seven for the front of the case. The eighth will be sewn to the back.

Mak­ing the hexagon mo­tif

05 Pin a hexie pa­per piece to the wrong side of your fab­ric. Fold over the top right side of fab­ric, then the top side. On the folded cor­ner, push the nee­dle through

both flaps of fab­ric but not the pa­per. Push through again, then

re­peat on ev­ery cor­ner ex­cept

the last. Tuck the fi­nal cor­ner in the same di­rec­tion as the

rest. Knot off when the hexie is com­plete. Whip stitch seven into the flower for­ma­tion shown.

Con­struct­ing the needle­case

06 Use small tack­ing stitches to

at­tach the flower centrally to the pink felt.

07 Place the large rec­tan­gle of fab­ric centrally on top of the yel­low felt. Onto the fab­ric,

place the rib­bon as shown. Pin in place, and fold the whole

needle­case in half to find the ‘spine’ of the case. Press with your fin­gers to make a crease.

08 Sew the fab­ric and rib­bon to the felt along the length of the

spine us­ing run­ning stitch. 09 Close the needle­case and place the pink felt, with the hexagon mo­tif fac­ing up, on to the cen­tre of the front ‘cover’. Pin in place and use a run­ning stitch

all around the edge to at­tach. 10 Turn the case over and sew your re­main­ing fab­ric hexagon onto the back of the needle­case.

11 Fill up your su­per-sweet needle­case with your most used

nee­dles and pins, and en­joy for your­self or give as a gift – if you can bear to part with it!

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