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Kona cot­ton fab­ric in Lemon (yel­low), Navy (navy), Sage (teal), Bright Pink (ma­genta), Ash (grey), Peach (peach), 0.25m (¼yrd) each for the chevron front, plus 2m (2yrd) fab­ric of your choos­ing for the rest of the shell and the lin­ing. Gold pleather or vinyl, 0.25m (¼yrd) 23cm (¼yrd) heavy sew-in"in­ter­fac­ing Scis­sors Thread Sewing ma­chine Iron You know how much we love any ex­cuse to pretty up an oth­er­wise-prac­ti­cal ob­ject? When we saw Mandy Pel­le­grin had cre­ated a pretty awe­some chevron tote (find the tu­to­rial on her blog), we asked her to cre­ate us this ex­clu­sive sewing ma­chine cover fea­tur­ing the same strik­ing chevron stripes. You're wel­come.

Match­ing the fab­ric strips can be a lit­tle bit fid­dly, so keep your seam al­lowances con­sis­tent through­out. Keep­ing the seams end­ing at a con­sis­tent length from the edges (we’ve sug­gested 1.5cm ( ")) is key to keep­ing cor­ners sharp, too. Fi­nally, don’t skip press­ing the seams. It may feel te­dious, but it'll be worth it for a su­per-neat fin­ish.

01 First mea­sure your sewing

ma­chine in or­der to de­ter­mine your fab­ric cuts. Mea­sure the height, width and depth to

work out the di­men­sions for the front/back, sides and top. Also note the po­si­tion of the han­dle, in­clud­ing its width and thick­ness, and its dis­tance from each of the ma­chine’s edges.

02 Based on your sewing ma­chine’s mea­sure­ments, cut

your fab­ric, adding 2.5cm (1")

2A/2B: gold, 2A/2B: navy, 1A/1B: teal, 2A /2B: ma­genta, 2A/2B: grey, 1A/1B: peach, 2A/2B: yel­low, 2A/2B: grey, 1A/1B: teal, 1A/1B: gold, 2A/2B: ma­genta, 2A/2B: peach, 2A /2B: navy, 1A/1B: teal.

04 Sew the strip of As and Bs to­gether, en­sur­ing that the seams from the pre­vi­ous step align along your new seam. Press. 05 Trim the chevron panel to the

same di­men­sions as the front/


06 Cre­ate the top panel by sewing the two mid­dle pieces to one of the side pieces, RS to­gether. End the seam 1.5cm (½") from the edge

(15"), add width ac­cord­ingly to the tem­plates. If your ma­chine is taller than 30.5cm (12"), add ad­di­tional strips ac­cord­ingly. The top panel com­prises of

four pieces – two side pieces, and!two mid­dle pieces to sur­round the han­dle open­ing. Use the

mea­sure­ments from step 1 to de­ter­mine the size of each of th­ese pieces, adding 2.5cm (1") for seam

al­lowances. Cut one of each piece from the shell and lin­ing fab­ric.

03 Right sides (RS) to­gether, sew all the A chevron tem­plate pieces and all the B pieces to­gether in the

fol­low­ing or­der: 2A/2B: yel­low, to each di­men­sion to ac­count for seam al­lowances. You’ll need the fol­low­ing cuts and counts:

Front/back pan­els: 1 shell, 2 lin­ing, 1 heavy sew-in in­ter­fac­ing.

Side pan­els: 2 shell, 2 lin­ing. For the chevron front shell panel, cut the fol­low­ing pieces:

Tem­plate 1A: 3 teal, 1 peach,

1 gold.

Tem­plate 1B: 2 yel­low, 1 gold, 2 navy, 2 ma­genta, 2 grey.

Tem­plate 2A: 3 teal, 1 peach,

1 gold

Tem­plate 2B: 2 yel­low, 1 gold, 2 navy, 2 ma­genta, 2 grey. If your ma­chine is wider than 38cm

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