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QQQQQQQQQQ­QFred Al­dous brown leather fire­proof cloth, 50cm (19 ") Laura Ash­ley Ava duck egg flo­ral cot­ton cur­tain fab­ric, 50cm (19 ") White thread Sewing ma­chine

sewing ma­chine foot Hot glue gun Dress­mak­ing pins White parch­ment pa­per Fab­ric scis­sors Ruler

tape Pa­per clips Clear tape Vel­cro, 2.5cm (1") wide Once you’ve found the re­stored vin­tage bike of your dreams, you’re go­ing to need a few ac­ces­sories to pre­pare it for all those road­trips and ad­ven­tures. Pack up a pic­nic in!the leather-lined pan­nier – it’ll pro­tect ev­ery­thing from that Bri­tish weather we know and love – or just pop a few smaller essen­tials in the han­dle­bar purse. We can't wait to recre­ate those dreamy sum­mer days from when we were kids, cy­cling through the park and stop­ping for ice cream (choco­late, if you're of­fer­ing).

Make a pan­nier

On a piece of kitchen parch­ment pa­per or grid­ded pat­tern pa­per mea­sure out your pat­tern pieces. You need one 30 x 30cm (117/ x 117/ shape for the main panel, one 30 x 7.3cm (117/ x 3") shape for the small front panel and one 6.5 x 59.5cm (25/ x 233/ shape for the base panel. Round the two bot­tom cor­ners of the large and small panel by drawing around a saucer or cup. For the straps, cut a!2.5 x 30cm (1 x 117/ ") shape with a point at one end, a 2.5 x 12cm (1 x 4¾") shape and a 2.5 x 26.5cm (1 x 10½") shape for con­nect­ing to the bike. Cut out each and la­bel, as it can be easy to get mixed up.

Cut one of each panel and two of each strap from the leather cloth. Po­si­tion your three pan­els on the tulip fab­ric and draw around it lightly with a pen­cil, then mark out an 0.5cm (¼") bor­der around it. Cut out on the bor­der.

Iron the flo­ral fab­ric edges over to neatly reach the in­side out­line of each panel. Make small snips at each cor­ner – just to the pen­cil line and no more – to help with fold­ing and re­duce bulk.

Hem each of the three fab­rics us­ing an over­lock stitch to se­cure.

Next, sew to­gether the var­i­ous pan­els and their leather part­ners us­ing a sim­ple run­ning stitch. Try to keep your stitches as straight as pos­si­ble. Us­ing pa­per clips in­stead of pins can help hold the two fab­rics to­gether with­out mak­ing holes in the leather.

Lay out all your pan­els on a ta­ble and po­si­tion your straps in place. Your larger straps should come up and over your largest panel. The small­est straps are com­ing up from!the bot­tom edge of the small panel. Cut two 1.5 x 5cm ( x 2") strips from the faux leather – th­ese will cre­ate loops to se­cure the top"straps. Con­sider where the!straps will fall when the bag is closed and full, then lightly mark where the loops should go to pro­vide the best sup­port.

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