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Nurture your succulent obsession with Hannah Hathaway’s statement cushion



Flannel fabric, 1.5m (1 yrd) Matching thread Polyester stuffing Acrylic paint Microwave Iron Paper towels Ahhhh, succulents – those highly-Instagrama­ble little plants are all over the place thanks to their unusual textures, inspiring forms and chalky pastel shades. Sadly we're not that green-fingered around here and often manage to kill ours off (which takes some doing, we know), so we're pretty in love with this XXL-sized version that can happily live on our sofa.

You could choose fabric colours that mimic a real succulent and add paint shades from the same family, or let your imaginatio­n run wild with a more colourful version. Succulents come in all different shapes, sizes and colours, so mix it up and create a whole oversized garden – you could also team it with our knitted cactus cushion from issue 54 for some serious horticultu­ral-inspired interiors.

01 First cut out the templates on page 100 and assemble as directed (you can tape the half circles together). Cut your fabric according to the instructio­ns. Cut two fabric circles.

02 Place two petal pieces right sides (RS) together, sides aligned. Stitch the edges together using a 2.5cm (1") seam allowance. Be sure to leave a small opening at the bottom for turning.

03 Turn the petal RS out through the opening. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for all petals.

04 Using watered-down acrylic paint, lightly add some colour to the sides and tips of your petals. The more you water down the paint, the more smoothly it will attach to the fabric.

05 To speed up the drying process, place the petals in a microwave for around one minute, stopping and checking on them every 10 seconds.

06 To set the paint, iron over the petals with a paper towel in between for three-five minutes. If you want to wash the cushion, we

recommend washing separately from other items in case the colour still runs. Also, don’t use the steam setting on your iron as it’ll ruin the paint.

07 Place the two circle pieces RS together, sides aligned. Stitch the edges together, again leaving a small opening at the bottom for turning. This will create your main cushion body.

08 Turn RS out through the gap. Fill with stuffing and sew the opening closed.

09 Fill each petal with a small amount of stuffing, stitch up the opening and begin attaching them to the perimeter of the circle, largest size first, one by one. Feel free to mix and match petal sizes as you continue adding them, depending on the look you want.

10 Once you reach the inner row, wrap the long horizontal petals around the smallest ones to create the centre bud. Attach them to the cushion centre and you’re all done – a cuddly statement succulent that absolutely anyone can keep alive.

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