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14 wooden 12mm beads 14 wooden 14mm beads 10 wooden 16mm beads 18 strips of thin fab­ric cut to 35 x 0.5cm (10 x ") Fab­ric ro­tary cut­ter, mat and ruler (op­tional) Scis­sors Em­broi­dery nee­dle Hot pink cord, 91.5cm (36") long Gold em­broi­dery thread (DMC E3821) Big pa­per plate Small can of Kry­lon (or other brand) metal­lic gold spray paint

Get ready to raid that stash – here’s one you should be able to whip up from bits and pieces you’ve got ly­ing around. Use up fab­ric scraps to cre­ate the tas­sel (the thin­ner the fab­ric the bet­ter it’ll!look) and give plain beads a!makeover with eas­ily-avail­able spray paint.

Even bet­ter, this pro­ject is fully cus­tomis­able – make it longer or shorter; change the bead colours and sizes or swap the fab­ric for yarn or floss. We’re plan­ning to make a few in dif­fer­ent lengths and stack ‘em up for full-on boho style. 01 Put the beads on a pa­per plate. 02 Spray paint them in a sweep­ing mo­tion from side to side and up and down, fol­low­ing the in­struc­tions on the can. Make sure!the room is well ven­ti­lated!

03 Ev­ery so of­ten shake the plate so the beads roll around, en­sur­ing all the sides are cov­ered with paint.

04 Leave to dry for 30-60 min­utes.

Mak­ing the tas­sel

05 Cut your fab­ric into long thin strips mea­sur­ing 35 x 0.5cm (10 x ¼"). It’s eas­i­est to use a fab­ric ro­tary cut­ter, cut­ting mat and ruler, but if you don’t have th­ese then just use scis­sors.

06 Put two strips of fab­ric to one side and lay the rest of the strips one on top of the other.

07 Fold the pile of bunched-up strips in half.

08 Use one of the spare strips to tie the rest to­gether at the top. Make sure your knot is tight.

09 Lift the tas­sel and shake it out so that all the strips fall neatly and aren’t tan­gled.

10 Lay the tas­sel down over the se­cond spare strip, about 4cm (1½") from the top.

11 Tie the strip around the tas­sel in a tight knot. 12 Shake the tas­sel out again. 13 Trim your tas­sel to your de­sired length, mak­ing sure you cut in a straight line. Ours mea­sures 15cm (6") from top to bot­tom.

14 Wrap the gold em­broi­dery thread tightly around the knot.

15 Thread the nee­dle with the gold thread and run it through a few lay­ers of thread. Come out the other side, pull tight and trim the ex­cess thread.

As­sem­bling the neck­lace

16 Cut your cord to 76cm (30"). 17 String the beads onto your cord,"start­ing with the small­est for"a grad­u­ated look. String in the fol­low­ing or­der: seven small beads, seven medium beads, 10 big beads, seven medium beads, seven"small beads.

18 Tie your pink cord in a knot at the top of the neck­lace, leav­ing some ex­tra string at the tips.

19 Use the long tail at the top of the tas­sel to at­tach it to the cord, be­tween the fifth and sixth big gold beads in the middle. Done!

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