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QQQQQQQTwo pho­tos of your choice, blown up and printed on 21.5 x 28cm (8½ x 11") pa­per Pa­per weav­ing tem­plates (down­load at pa­per­weav­ing) Scis­sors Four small binder clips Scotch tape Glue stick Rib­bon, yarn, coloured pa­per"or fab­ric (op­tional) Kalei­do­scope pat­terns may look fid­dly and com­plex, but you can recre­ate the ef­fect eas­ily and cheaply by giv­ing pa­per weav­ing a try. This pro­ject from Etsy’s com­mu­nity team shows you how to use favourite im­ages, and you can add em­bel­lish­ments such as rib­bon, yarn, fab­ric, coloured pa­per, mag­a­zine pages or chil­dren’s art­work to cre­ate a one-of-a-kind state­ment piece. Kids can have a!go at the tech­nique too.

Down­load the pa­per weav­ing tem­plates at

Print the tem­plates, along with two im­ages of your choice, on 21.5 x!28cm (8½ x 11") pa­per. Make sure to size the im­ages so that they fill the en­tire page.

Place the di­ag­o­nal-line tem­plate on top of one of your pho­tos and the ver­ti­cal-line tem­plate on the other. The white tem­plate bor­ders should be on the top and left sides. Se­cure the tem­plates to the pho­tos us­ing binder clips.

Fol­low­ing the lines of the di­ag­o­nal tem­plate, cut through both the tem­plate and the im­age, mak­ing sure to stop cut­ting where the lines of the tem­plate end.

When you’ve fin­ished cut­ting, re­move the binder clips and set the im­age aside.

Next, cut along the lines of your ver­ti­cally-cut tem­plate and photo.

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