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QQQQQQQQQQ­QWhite Fimo air dry clay Fimo gloss var­nish Black acrylic paint pen Black acrylic paint (op­tional) Round bot­tomed bowl Pa­per Pen­cil Scis­sors Craft knife Rolling pin (or glass jar) Sandpaper

Cre­ate a tem­plate by trac­ing around your hand onto a sheet of A4 pa­per. Neaten up the sketch by evening out the length and width of the fin­gers and round­ing out the bot­tom of the palm. Erase any un­wanted lines. Cut out your traced hand. Roll out some clay un­til it’s around 0.5cm (¼") thick. Lay your pa­per hand on the clay and cut around it us­ing a craft knife.

Place the clay hand over the bot­tom of your bowl. Dip your fin­gers in a bit of wa­ter and smooth out any cracks or rough edges. Then leave the"clay hand to air dry.

Once the clay has dried, lightly sand the hand to re­move any re­main­ing rough edges.

Use your paint pens to draw pat­terns on the hand. For a tribal look, dec­o­rate each of the fin­gers to­wards the tips with lit­tle dots and lines, then dec­o­rate the cen­tre of the palm with a tribal mo­tif such as a sun, evil eye or sim­ple geo­met­ric shapes. Use acrylic paint to fill in any larger ar­eas.

Give the fin­ished hand dishes a coat or two of gloss var­nish. Stephanie Lee shares all man­ner of projects on her blog, which she hopes will en­cour­age oth­ers to get cre­ative. She re­sides in sunny Syd­ney, where she’s al­ways on the look­out for in­ven­tive and a!ord­able ways to"DIY. www.make­

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