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QQQHiKoo Tee Cakes T-shirt yarn (or an­other brand) in the fol­low­ing colours: Cream, 450g or 137m (150yds), Grey, 225g or 68m (75yds), Or­ange, 225g or 68m (75yds) Yel­low, 225g or 68m (75yds), Pink, 225g or 68m (75yds) Hula hoop, 91cm (36") Scis­sors Con­sider the sad, for­got­ten hula hoop, rel­e­gated to the garage, gath­er­ing dust and cob­webs. Well it's time to dig that beauty out and try this ge­nius idea that'll have you weav­ing webs of a far pret­tier kind. It's such an easy way to see if you'll catch the weav­ing bug be­fore splash­ing out on looms or any fancy equip­ment.

As well as ba­sic in-and-out weav­ing you can try a slightly more ad­vanced wrap­ping tech­nique called soumak to add tex­ture vari­a­tion – just fol­low the step-by-step in­struc­tions.

Cre­ate the warp for your hoop loom by cut­ting ten 160cm (64") strands of cream T-shirt yarn. Knot each strand in a loop with a slid­ing knot. To com­plete the slid­ing knot, over­lap two ends, tie an over­hand knot with one end onto the other strand. Re­peat knot with the other end on the other strand. Tighten knots and pull strands apart un­til knots slide and sit against one an­other.

Stretch two warp loops across the hula hoop, di­vid­ing it into quar­ters. The loops should be snug but not su­per tight. Con­tinue adding the strips in a spoke pat­tern, split­ting each sec­tion in half un­til you’ve used all ten loops. Space them evenly.

Cre­ate an odd num­ber of spokes in your loom by bring­ing two ad­ja­cent warp loop ends to­gether to make one. The odd num­ber of spokes (19) that you now have al­lows an over/un­der pat­tern con­tin­u­ously as you weave around the cir­cle. Even out the spac­ing on the rest of the spokes. You could al­ways add a colour­ful strand of yarn around your dou­bled-up warp loop to help you re­mem­ber which one it is.

Make vary­ing sized balls of your weft colours to make the weav­ing man­age­able. Be­gin by leav­ing a 20cm (8") tail of cream yarn hang­ing in the back of the loom. Start weav­ing, bring­ing the yarn al­ter­na­tively over and un­der the warp spokes. Ev­ery time you get back to the dou­ble spoke, just check you haven't missed any warp loops on that round. With each round, do the op­po­site (over or un­der) of what you did on the last round. Pull the first two rounds tightly to cre­ate an even cen­tre for your rug.

As you con­tinue work­ing, the weft should be taut against the pre­vi­ous row but not tight. Keep good ten­sion by com­plet­ing a round slightly away from the cen­tre of the work and then push­ing the row down with your fin­gers to sit com­fort­ably against the pre­vi­ous row you made.

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