Hang this colour­ful pa­per pa­jaki chan­de­lier by Amy Phipps of Su­per+Su­per for guar­an­teed in­te­ri­ors ad­mi­ra­tion

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Crepe pa­per in as­sorted colours Medium-sized em­broi­dery hoop String or yarn Pa­per straws Scis­sors Pom poms Washi tape Dou­ble sided tape Whether it's a dull cor­ner you want to liven up, or a party you fancy cre­at­ing some state­ment dé­cor for, this eas­ier-than-it-looks pa­per chan­de­lier will bring an injection of car­ni­val-in­spired vibes. Known as 'pa­jaki' (aka 'spi­der') chan­de­liers, they orig­i­nate from Poland. If you can't get away with such pret­ti­ness in a shared space, make it for your craft cor­ner, or hang in the gar­den for a late­sum­mer cock­tail party. 01 Cut each straw into four pieces. 02 Make sev­eral pa­per tas­sels by cut­ting a strip of crepe then rolling the pieces up. Se­cure us­ing some dou­ble sided tape.

03 Next cut lots of con­fetti cir­cles from your crepe and set aside in a bowl. It's im­por­tant to pre­pare all your pa­per pieces at the start to stop your­self get­ting in a mud­dle.

04 Place six pa­per cir­cles on a pile and fold them in half. Now cut a lit­tle tri­an­gle at the cen­tre point for your string to pass through.

05 Mea­sure four or five 1m (1yrd) lengths of string. Tie at the top and stick to your ta­ble with washi tape, ready to be­gin thread­ing on pa­per straws. Thread one piece of straw onto your string, then a lit­tle bunch of pa­per con­fetti. We'd sug­gest us­ing five or six pa­per cir­cles per bunch.

06 Con­tinue to al­ter­nate be­tween straw and con­fetti un­til you have six straws on the string in to­tal.

07 Now re­peat this method on each of your other lengths of string.

08 Keep­ing your spac­ing even, use washi tape to stick your strings onto the in­side of the smaller of the two wooden hoops.

09 Sand­wich the out­side ring back on and tighten the screw to se­cure. Don't twist too tightly as you may need to al­ter the ten­sion of your pa­jaki string later on.

10 Next, tie an­other, shorter 50cm (19¾") length of string onto each of the ends of the string that are com­ing out from the cen­tre of the hoop.

11 Thread one straw, one bunch of"con­fetti and then an­other straw onto each of the pair. Do this on each of the shorter pieces of string to cre­ate small pairs.

12 Now take one strand from each pair and knot to­gether, split­ting the pair. Knot the right hand strand from one pair with the left hand strand from its neigh­bour.

13 Knot se­curely, then thread both strands that are now tied to­gether through one bunch of con­fetti and one straw.

14 Re­peat this process on all your pairs un­til you're left with four or five sin­gle lengths made from the orig­i­nal two strands. Tie all th­ese to­gether un­der­neath to close the pa­jaki chan­de­lier. Now you're ready to start adding more dec­o­ra­tion – we be­gan by stick­ing washi tape all around the out­side of our hoop, then we added pa­per tas­sels, more gar­lands (made by thread­ing mini pom poms be­tween sin­gle bits of"con­fetti) and pa­per cir­cles with pom pom cen­tres.

We're throw­ing a party just so we have an ex­cuse to make loads of th­ese beauts.

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